API Spec 6A Type 6B/6BX

Crosses And Tees

Competitively priced
Coated for corrosion resistance
Custom sizes and specificaitons available

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Every material in your oil and gas production needs to function seamlessly to avoid delays in progress and maximize profit. Helios manufactures studded crosses/studded blocks and tees to divert, bypass or distribute fluid flow. These reliable products are available at a competitive price. Crosses and tees receive an application coating enhancing corrosion resistance. Choose from our standard sizes or customize your order for the right size and connection.

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At Helios, we always keep our customers in the know. All our clients receive regular updates on the status of their order. Our detailed reports consist of current production progress, most updated ETA, and pictures/videos of the equipment being manufactured. Helios' internal quality assurance agents guarantee manufacturing accuracy on all orders.

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Material Level: DD, EE, FF

Spec: PSL1~PSL3

Customized Orders (eg. 5 way or 6 way blocks): Please contact us for your specific customized needs.

Studded Tees

No. Model Working Pressure Bore Size
1 CB30110 10M 1-13/16"
2 CB30210 10M 2-1/16"
3 CB30310 10M 3-1/16"
4 CB30410 10M 4-1/16"
5 CB30510 10M 5-1/8"
6 CB30710 10M 7-1/16"
7 CB32910 10M 2-9/16"
8 CB30115 15M 1-13/16"
9 CB30215 15M 3-1/16"
10 CB30315 15M 3-1/16"
11 CB30415 15M 4-1/16"
12 CB30515 15M 5-1/8"
13 CB30715 15M 7-1/16"
14 CB32915 15M 2-9/16"

Studded Crossess

No. Model Working Pressure Bore Size
1 CB40110 10M 1-13/16"
2 CB40210 10M 2-1/16"
3 CB40310 10M 3-1/16"
4 CB40410 10M 4-1/16"
5 CB40510 10M 5-1/8"
6 CB40710 10M 7-1/16"
7 CB42910 10M 2-9/16"
8 CB40115 15M 1-13/16"
9 CB40215 15M 3-1/16"
10 CB40315 15M 3-1/16"
11 CB40415 15M 4-1/16"
12 CB40515 15M 5-1/8"
13 CB40715 15M 7-1/16"
14 CB42915 15M 2-9/16"

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