RAM Series

API 6A Frac Heads

Reliable and durable design for high pressure, high flow-rate frac completions
Shape-Forging ensures quality and competitive price
Optimized size and weight
Enhanced for extreme working conditions
Customized for specific needs

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RAM - The Reliable Goat Heads

The Helios Frac Head is engineered to deliver efficient fluid flow for high pressure and high flow-rate during frac completions. Shape-Forging guarantees the quality of heat treatment and the cost of manufacturing, which makes Helios Frac Head reliable and competitive. 45° angle inlets maximize the flow rate and minimize the size and the weight of the product. The design of 6 X 4-in frac inlets is following the trend of high flow-rate frac in the industry. Coating and Inlay are the enhancement options for long service life in extremely corrosive and erosive environment (high hydrogen sulfide (H2S), high carbon dioxide (C2O) and sand). Helios also customizes the product to meet your specific needs. Helios’ frac heads can be used for vertical or horizontal wells. They allow safe execution of wellhead pressure and prevent unnecessary wellhead deterioration. They can be assembled with isolation valves.

45 Degree Angle Inlets

Helios RAM Frac Heads feature 45 degree angle inlets that maximize the flow rate and minimize the size and the weight of the product.

  • Inlet sizes 3-1/16” or 4-1/16”
  • Bore sizes 4-1/16”, 5-1/8” or 7-1/16”
  • Pressure rating 10m or 15m PSI

Weco Flanges

Select Helios weco flanges for the perfect fit with your RAM frac heads. Helios weco flanges are designed to work under the same high pressure as the RAM frac heads.

Helios top of the line oil and gas products

Helios RAM Frac head are built to reduce risks of oil and gas businesses. Engineered to deliver efficient fluid-flow during Frac completions for a higher flow-rate. 45-degree angle inlets are the reason for the faster flow-rate. The RAM Frac head angle allows the fluid to flow faster than average Frac heads designed with a 35-degree angle. Coated to withstand damage caused by hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, the low cost oil and gas products have a prolonged working life.

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At Helios, we always keep our customers in the know. All our clients receive regular updates on the status of their order. Our detailed reports consist of current production progress, most updated ETA, and pictures/videos of the equipment being manufactured. Helios' internal quality assurance agents guarantee manufacturing accuracy on all orders.

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Material Level: DD, EE, FF

Spec: PSL1~PSL3

No. Model Working Pressure Main Bore Size No. of Outlets Outlet Size
1 QB 10 10M 4-1/16” 4 4-1/16”
2 QB 15 15M 4-1/16” 4 4-1/16”
3 HB 10 10M 5-1/8" 6 3-1/16”
4 HB 15 15M 5-1/8" 6 3-1/16”
5 FB 10 10M 5-1/8" 4 4-1/16”
6 FB 15 15M 5-1/8" 4 4-1/16”
7 WR 10 10M 5-1/8" 6 4-1/16”
8 WR 15 15M 5-1/8" 6 4-1/16”
9 OT 10 10M 7-1/16" 6 3-1/16"
10 OT 15 15M 7-1/16" 6 3-1/16"
11 OG 10 10M 7-1/16" 4 4-1/16"
12 OG15 15M 7-1/16" 4 4-1/16"
13 CENTER 10 10M 7-1/16" 6 4-1/16"
14 CENTER 15 15M 7-1/16" 6 4-1/16"

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