Asia has become the hot spot for North American companies to manufacture products. From clothing to large products such as API 6A oil and gas supplies it is cheaper to have it made in Asia.

Helios outsources production of API 6A oil and gas product manufacturing to workshops in Asia that are top of the line specialist in building API 6A equipment. However, this does not mean that Helios has transferred the responsibility of manufacturing customized orders solely to the workshop. Helios engineers are on site at the workshops overlooking every step of the process. This guarantees all measurements are precise and the products will have a long life. Chinese API 6A manufacturers assemble flanges, spools, gate valves, franc heads, and more.

Helios has taken production a step further. They not only offer top of the line oil equipment at a fraction of the cost but they also allow clients to create customized orders. By providing drawings and measurements Helios is able to manufacture API 6A equipment that will work perfectly with your existing machinery.

Oil and gas production is prominent in many parts of the world. Helios provides products for companies in Texas, Houston, and Dallas. Helios has been following the original mandate to create a profitable oil service company that benefits both customers and Helios.

Guaranteeing quality and delivery time is very important to the company. Transporting products from Chinese manufacturers to customers in Texas, Houston, and Dallas is not a task Helios takes lightly. Ensuring customers receive products and customized orders as fast as possible will help their business prosper rapidly. It is a win-win situation.