In the oil and gas equipment world there are many companies that create similar products. With oil and gas being one of the leading suppliers of energy, it is not surprising to know that there are competitors all over the world that manufacture oil equipment. So what sets Helios Equipment apart from others?

Helios is involved in every aspect of the order process. It is not a company that simply forwards an order to a workshop and gives them full responsibility of complying with the customer’s order. Helios is present and monitoring every process. Aside from Helios being a reliable company, one of the many things that set them apart from competitors is their top-of-line machinery. Helios works with the world-leading inlay welding machine at its oversea workshop. By acquiring certification the company is now able to expand its services to provide oil equipment with Inconel 625 inlay.

Clients can now have oil equipment that is protected from hostile environments. Inlay welding creates a resistance in valves and flanges extending the life of your product by resisting corrosion. Inconel alloys that are inlay welded become resistant to oxidation and corrosion. This is ideal for oil equipment used in extreme weather changing places like Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Inlay machinery allows characteristics such as heat sinking, spring and welding to be designed into the product. It also allows the composition of the alloy to be consistent. Different materials can be mixed and placed precisely where they are intended to go allowing the surface to be denser, harder and more wear resistant.