13-5/8” 15M

Plug Catcher

Retains large amounts of debris
Optimal performance
Minimal maintenance needed

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Having top of the line oil and gas equipment allows work to be done with minimal worry of machinery malfunction. In turn, minimizing cost increases profit margin. Helios’ plug catchers retain more chunks from drilled plugs than any other brand. By reversing circulation of debris with the plug catcher, it eliminates the need to shut down the machine to clean the screen. It works effortlessly to remove large solid debris immediately and eliminates damage or blockage.

Working Pressure Rate: 15M

Chamber: 7-1/16” 15M

Inlet: 3” 1502 Female or 4-1/16” 15M

Outlet & Dump: 2” 1502 Male or 2-1/16” 15M

Multiple Choice for Screens: Mesh, Hole-Layout and Cap-Style

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