Within Alberta, oil producing has many forms, one of which is oil sand. Oil sand is a mixture of sand, water, bitumen and clay. Bitumen is a type of oil, however it needs to be diluted or heated for it to flow as it is too dense to be pumped in its natural form. For sand oil extraction two pipelines are run horizontally, one is pumped with steam melting the oil onto the second pipeline, which is then carried above ground.

Helios Equipment sells oil and gas products to customers in Alberta, which allow them to process the sand oil. Once the oil is extracted from below the surface, it is carried above ground. In order for the oil to be usable it must first be separated from clay, sand and rocks that where combined during the extraction process. Helios Equipment sells both plug catchers and sand knockout equipment to separate oil from debris. 

In order to separate the oil from the rest of the components without damaging equipment, oil and gas companies use debris catchers. During flow back these machines separate the oil from unwanted solids that are brought up during the collection process. The oil first travels through the plug catcher and then through the sand knockout to eliminate as much unwanted material from the oil as possible. 

They are designed for easy installation and removal with 15,000 psi pressure. Helios plug catchers can be equipped with either a mesh, hole-layout and cap-style screen, which can be removed for cleaning. It also provides a safe sampling location during continuous operation. Helios plug catchers are available in single or double barrel. The double barrel allows for continuous filtration during removal of solids or liquids from the pipe.