Helios Equipment has dedicated time to explore what clients in Canada need to be able to have the best result from their oil and gas services. Since 1953, Alberta has been using hydraulic fracturing – the first use of it in Canada. Helios has designed top-of-the line frac heads for places in Alberta such as Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton that would ultimately not produce high amounts of oil if they do not have reliable equipment for Hydraulic Fracturing.

Helios RAM frac heads are engineered to create a stronger and larger fluid flow during frac completion. They are designed with four inlets at a 45 degree angle, whereas other brands have a 35 degree inlet. This also minimizes the size of the product and delivers efficient fluid flow when pumping high volumes of oil at extreme pressure. For places like those in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton, Helios offers a coating and inlay on RAM frac heads to extended product life in corrosive and erosive environments. Frac heads are also designed with stainless steel ring gaskets to help prevent damage.

Frac sand completion in Canada has been growing continuously and is expected to reach 84 million tons by the end of 2016. Hydraulic Fracturing is at an all time high demand in Alberta. Helios frac heads provide a constant flow path and reduce risk of damage on substandard equipment. Helios frac heads allow customers to achieve maximum flow, whether it is used for a vertical or horizontal well.

Helios continuously monitors changes in Alberta regarding Hydraulic Fracturing. The high market demand on frac sand is an opportunity clients are taking advantage of to achieve great success. Helios frac heads can be assembled with isolated valves, which allow you to prevent unnecessary deterioration and prevents pressure trapping.

Frac valves are also used for hydraulic fracturing. They are able to create multistage fracs in harsh environments. When attached to zipper manifolds it allows wells to be simultaneously serviced. Zipper manifolds are available in various configurations and are comprised of spools, tees, crosses, valves and goat heads. Wells that have completed the frac cycle can be quickly isolated with a zipper manifold and the flow of frac fluid can be redirected. Optimizing pump flow and reducing washout is one of the unique features Helios manifolds provide. 

For hydraulic fracturing, Helios also sells equipment for frac stacks or frac trees. They are designed to temporarily replace the production wellhead. This allows customers to prevent costly repairs to the wellhead equipment. The frac tree allows you to remotely shut in the well using gate valves. The frac tree is assembled with stainless steel ring gaskets to withstand corrosion and erosion.