Having world-leading machinery to create top-of-the-line oil and gas equipment for customers is something Helios takes pride in. Being able to manufacture gate valves with inlay welding for a denser material is not something all oil and gas equipment companies can do. It is important that gate valves as well as other oil products are designed to last a long life and coating them allows this. For customers in Alberta, Canada it is important that oil equipment will withstand the climate change from cold winters to scorching warm summers. 

Helios offers J-series gate valves and FC series  gate valves. They are engineered to prevent leakage into the atmosphere or downstream when the valves are in the closed position. J-series gate valves are available in ball-screw-manual and piston-hydraulic. Designed with easy open and close operation in 17 turns with a low torque ball screw operator for simple control. A T-slot is located between the gate and stem to significantly lower stress concentration on the valve. The J-series ball-screw and piston-hydraulic valve are designed to operate in high-pressure fracking application. The J-series ball-screw gate valve can isolate the fluid from the oil well. 

Like the J-series, the FC series gate valves come in two selections: bearing-manual or piston-hydraulic. They have been derived from the Cameron FC series models and adjusted with different coatings to withstand corrosion. The piston-hydraulic valves are designed for an elongated life and can operate at higher pressures than most valves, with an extended continuous cycle. Built with a back seat stem that allows isolation of pressure of the valve from the stem seal area. 

Helios also designs and manufactures FLSR Cameron style frac valves. They are designed for maximum protection against corrosion and erosion. They also feature two grease-fitting ports used for flushing and greasing the valve cavity. The frac valve is capable of producing multi-staged fracs in harsh environments. 

Using Helios Choke Valves you can easily control the flow of the fluids being produced through the well. They also help regulate the downstream pressure in the flow lines, regulating well production. Manifolds and frac trees can also be used to control well pressure. Manifolds divert oil and gas and are built with a metal-to-metal, double-sealing design to withstand harsh environment. Helios fracking equipment can help customers avoid costly repairs.

Following API standards, Helios gate valves utilize common interchangeable parts. This makes it easier for customers to replace a part and get their machines back up and running. In stock Helios products can, in most cases, ship out immediately. However, customized orders take approximately 90 days.